Bored with Social Distancing! Why not paint a room?

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Social Distancing will be our new normal and get old fast during the next couple of weeks.

Keeping busy is the best way to get through this time. Limited on what we can do inside our homes may seem boring and uninspiring. (Let’s face it! Cleaning your home has a short term outcome)

Maybe this might be a good time to paint a room in your house!

Paint dealers like Benjamin Moore make purchasing paint easy by being able to order paint and supplies online. Local dealers have everything ready for you to begin your project.

Sites like Pinterest are a great resource to get inspiration for any room in your house.

Maybe this is a good time to teach kids how to paint or maybe it will give you comfort that you can close the door and say “You can’t come in, I’m painting!!” (Sorry, that’s the mother in me coming out).

Now is the time to quickly look and see what room can be tackled. Big or small and just go for it! Paint is inexpensive and you will no doubt come out with something to show for when everything is said and done.

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Check out my Pinterest Page for some awesome inspiration and best colour combinations that I have pinned over the last five years.