Justin Pritchard- August 2023

Interiors by Nicole |

I hired Nicole at the recommendation of a trusted friend to consult, plan and execute a home renovation plan centered around a new kitchen but also including a total upstairs makeover with new paint, trim, refinished hardwood flooring, lighting, and more.

Having little experience and zero skills in the area of home renovation (but a strong idea of the design aesthetic and functional goals of my new kitchen), I needed someone to pull all of the strings to make the renovation happen. I'm a busy professional who also works from home-- so on my project, minimizing the use of my time to handle the project was a priority.

After an initial consult and deposit, the entirety of the project was contained in a single Facebook chat. Nicole and I discussed high-level decisions via messenger when it was convenient for both of us, communication was highly easy and effective in this way.


From there, she pulled all the strings with her contacts to arrange timing/scheduling / all other details. A morning update each day informed me of which contractors would be in and out, and at what time.


Nicole's tradespeople are all top notch-- courteous, professional, tidy, and very easy to work with.

With Nicole at the helm, I didn't have to worry about anything and got a far more professional-looking end product than I suspect I'd have without her guidance on the look and functionality of the spaces.

Delays were minimized and well communicated, and I was able to work from home and plan my schedule more precisely than I thought throughout the entire span of the project, saving me a lot of stress. To me, that was worth every penny.

Great advice, great finished product, great people, great communication, and a great eye for what looks good (and what doesn't).

I'm thrilled with the results. Nicole brought my dream 'stainless steel and wood' kitchen to life and I couldn't be happier with how it looks (and works!) She was wonderful to work with, popping by almost daily to check on progress and share ideas, enhancements, etc.

I doubt I'd ever renovate again without Nicole at the helm.